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Featured collection

Featured collection

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    Maremi's Small Art

  • Art Journaling

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Hello my Friends !

It's us that have the power to transform, educate, inspire and motivate. Don't be afraid to fail... Mistakes and trials are part of discovering something rather amazing. 

Featured collection

Inspiration, Creativity & Love for Craft

There is a magic that happens within our souls everytime we create.

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Welcome to my world...

Hi, I am Marta

Let me be part of your creative journey! Let's share our heART, encourage and support each other.I invite you to my world, take that broken crayon and make some ART... 

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My biggest passion is sharing love for creating with others, encouraging and inspiring each other through videos. I am very grateful for having a chance to be able to walk next to beginners in their creative journey. There is no better reward than seeing others spreading their wings. Creating is my way of living - so far it's the best journey I could have imagined. 

Art Journaling

There is no right way to make art, there is no good or bad art either... 

Don't be afraid to fail... Mistakes and trials are part of discovering something rather amazing.

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